Melanie Walsh dressed as a cheerleader

Give me an S.E.X.Y that’s how Melanie Walsh feels when shes dressed in her cheerleaders outfit. It feels so amazing! Mel loves the way her cheerleaders outfit is so short that you can see Melanies little gym knickers underneath her cheerleader skirt.

Being a cheerleader is so much fun for Mel! Melanie Walsh always wants to be a cheerleader forever!

Melanie Walsh dressed as a cheerleader Melanie Walsh dressed as a cheerleader

Melanie Walsh in a college uniform

Another day…another day Melanie Walsh is all dressed up in her college outfit! Melanie sometimes hates college but it always cheers mel up wearing her college uniform!

All the boys stare at melanie and wolf whistle whenever she wears her college uniform and it really makes Melanie pull her college uniform skirt up so it gets shorter and shorter to make the boys want Mel more and more!

Melanie loves nothing more than to turn them on and tease them as much as Melanie Walsh possibly can!

Melanie Walsh in a college uniform Melanie Walsh in a college uniform
Melanie Walsh in a college uniform Melanie Walsh in a college uniform

Frankie in college uniform

Frankie in college uniform

I'm not at all happy that the weekend is half over but I know this spicy gallery of Frankie in a college uniform will make it a little brighter. Frankie makes this outfit so naughty. I don't think this is what they had in mind when they made this part of the dress code.
Underneath her uniform Frankie teases in a pair of cotton lace bra and panties. The outfit wouldn't be complete without her long, long socks. Very sexy!
See all of Frankie at Only Tease. If you love women in erotic clothing, you will love Only Tease. This site features beautiful babes in uniforms, costumes and of course lingerie.

Rachel B in college uniform

Rachel B in college uniform

I know it's only the beginning of August and too early to talk about for school because I know most students don't go back to late August or September but I thought you might enjoy this picture gallery. Rachel B is in her naughty college uniform. I have a feeling that a lot of her classmates or even the male professors would have a hard time focusing on the lesson. And if they found out that she decided to keep half of the sexy outfit on as she got wet in the bath I know they would never be able to look at Rachel again the same way.
But you can see all of Rachel at Only Tease. Check out all the women in sexy college uniforms – I'm sure it makes more people wish they had attended private schools where they require uniforms like this. Who would've though something conservative schools would require, would turn into something so sexy. Or maybe that was their intent all along.
Anyways, time for me to get back to work. I'll talk to you soon.